Warranty From New star the authorized agent of Arzum & Arzum Okka in Egypt

  1. Two years warranty for all ARZUM household electrical appliances
  2. One year warranty for all coffee makers except OKKA the full Automatic machine 1-year warranty or 3000 cycles whichever comes first

Warranty Terms and Conditions:

  1. The Warranty starts from the date of purchase with an invoice
  2. The warranty includes only manufacturing defects and not misuse, meaning that any damaged part during the warranty as a result of manufacturing defects is replaced only for free, except for breakage or accessories (accessories belonging to the device) moving parts
  3. The warranty does not include faults resulting from high or low voltage
  4. The warranty does not include faults resulting from limescale deposits on the device, in the case of water boilers, coffee machines, and steam irons, regardless of the type of water used

Important Instructions:

  • The customer must bring the device to the maintenance center in Heliopolis for any malfunction

— The customer’s right to recover any device that has been repaired at the agent’s maintenance center shall be forfeited if it is not received within 45 days from the date the device was removed for repair.

The warranty does not apply:

  1. Failure to bring the warranty certificate and it must have the authorized agent’s stamp with the original purchase invoice
  2. The presence of traces of insects or water inside the device
  3. The warranty is considered void in the event of repair outside the agent’s maintenance center and in the event of commercial use or the device being used for a purpose other than those designated for it in contravention of the operation in the product catalog.
  4. In case of loss, scratch, or scraping in the Warranty certificate