“New Star” is an Egyptian Company that since 2006 has been providing the services of importing, exporting, and foods distribution. “New star” takes the lead in marketing the product called “Al Manfoush”, which is famous in Egypt with the trade name “Al Fankoush” (International Name is Pellet). This product is a type of dried snacks made from (flour – starch – salt), easily prepared and free of preservatives. Also, the company has imported in 2007 a new product of Powder juice called “Source” (contain 100% natural Sugar) with several delicious flavors that suit all tastes.

While in 2008, the company has noticed that the Egyptians are nor properly aware of the product “Al Manfoush”. Some of them were buying the product as pasta not as “snacks” that is an easy to prepare at home. “New Star” has changed its marketing strategy and produces “Al Fankoush” with a new gown (large packages 15 kg), in spice shops. Such change has led to product proliferation in many governorates inside Egypt in addition to being exported to Sudan. In the same year, the Company’s activity has witnessed a great development inside Egypt. In 2012, “New Star” has obtained the franchises of the “Pellet” product from the two companies (BACH SNACKS – Lebanon), (Al Halwani – Jordan) in addition to its first franchise (PELLET FOODS – Syria).

“New Star” has imported in 2015 the juice dispenser machine from the Italian company “COFRIMELL” and obtained a franchise from the “ARZUM OKKA” company to market the first Turkish coffee maker in the world.

“New Star” has adopted a policy depends on offering new, healthy, and high quality products with affordable prices through the continuous search for any new products in the field of foodstuff industry.

ARZUM History Having been born as a domestic brand in 1966, Arzum has taken its place almost each home in Turkey and carried its success into international aspect in a short time. Aiming to change the lives of the users with the products which it has manufactured by bringing technology with design and creativity, Arzum has been directing the sector by breaking the grounds in Turkey within the small house appliances sector during its half-century-journey. Having produced the first Turkish iron in 1967, first Turkish mechanical vacuum cleaner in 1968, first Turkish food processor in 1991, and first electrical coffeepot in 2003

Being deemed worthy of various national and international prestigious awards with the products which it has created with the motto of “If you touch, changes the world.”, Arzum gained a great achievement by breaking the grounds in Turkish coffee in 2014 when it presented Arzum Okka Turkish Coffee Machine which was the first with the feature of service directly to the cup into local and global markets. Having included into the scope of the Turquality Program which was the first and sole state-sponsored branding program in the world in 2015, Arzum has been carrying out a global mission to spread Turkish coffee culture into the world with the success of OKKA.